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Trail of the Black Wyrm Pierson,  Random House

Trail of the Black Wyrm

: Pierson
: Trail of the Black Wyrm
: Random House
ISBN: 0786939796
ISBN-13(EAN): 9780786939794
: Mass Market Paperbou
: 406
: 2006
: The Battle of the Run is over, but for Barreth Forlo victory is bitter. With only a dragons scale to aid them, Barreth and his friends must find his missing wife before its too late. A strange evil is stirring and a foul ritual has begun. And Forlos unborn child lies at the heart of it. Explore the legendary continent of Taladas, where barbarian chiefs struggle for survival against power-mad sorcerers in the uneasy aftermath of the War of Souls.
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Gordon Ray Trail of sin

Gordon Ray
Trail of sin
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