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Shakespeare`s christmas ( ) Harris, Charlaine,  Orion Publishers

Harris, Charlaine
Shakespeare`s christmas ( )

: Harris, Charlaine
: Shakespeare`s christmas ( )
: Orion Publishers
ISBN: 0575105291
ISBN-13(EAN): 9780575105294
: Paperback
: 224
: 2005
: Lily Bard has started over in the quiet town of Shakespeare, Arkansas, where she works as a cleaning lady. But shes about to go back to where she came from, and where Lily goes, danger follows... Determined to move beyond her violent past, Lily heads to Bartley, her hometown, for her sisters Christmas Eve wedding. But theres something in the air besides festive cheer: the towns doctor and nurses have been bludgeoned to death, and Lilys detective boyfriend has followed an eight-year-old kidnapping case straight to Bartley. It just might have something to do with the murders... and with her sisters fiance. With only three days to the wedding, Lily must work fast to clean up the messy case before her sister promises to love, honour and obey a killer.


Crystal, D/Crystal, Shakespeare`s Words

Crystal, D/Crystal,
Shakespeare`s Words
: Penguin Books Ltd
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C.C. Humphreys Shakespeare`s Rebel (. :  )

C.C. Humphreys
Shakespeare`s Rebel (. : )
: Orion Publishers
: : 1599. London is on the brink of revolution... But John Lawley - England best swordsman just wants to be left alone, to win the heart of the woman he loves. And design, the fight scenes are great fo... >>>

Rackham Arthur Shakespeare`s A Midsummer Night`s Dream (.    )

Rackham Arthur
Shakespeare`s A Midsummer Night`s Dream (. )
: Dover
: , , : Shakespeare's incomparable romantic comedy takes on a new and vivid life with a series of brilliant images by one of the twentieth century's leading illustrators. The fairy world of A Midsummer Night'... >>>