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Heavenly`s Child ( :  ) Reid Brenda,  Orion Publishers

Reid Brenda
Heavenly`s Child ( : )

: Reid Brenda
: Heavenly`s Child ( : )
: Orion Publishers
ISBN: 1409120287
ISBN-13(EAN): 9781409120285
: Paperback
: 336
: 2013
: Its in the late 1960s and after her strict English boarding school, the angel will be happy to return to Crete, the island she loves. She and her friend Chrissy plan to spend long summer days, as they always did before, to walk together, play pranks on their unsuspecting neighbors and generally running wild on the hillside. But when tragedy strikes at the heart of the angel family, she and Chrissie to resolve to flee together. For two girls on the brink of womanhood, the events that took place in Greece at this time makes it a dangerous place. As angel falls in love, tragedy strikes for the second time... After the success in the house of dust and dreams, Brenda Reid pulls us back to Crete.