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A2 Maths Ted Graham and John Berry,  HarperCollins

Ted Graham and John Berry
A2 Maths

: Ted Graham and John Berry
: A2 Maths
: HarperCollins
: , ,
ISBN: 0007206925
ISBN-13(EAN): 9780007206926
: Paperback
: 80
: 2006
: One of a brand new series for A Level students, this book covers all the core content needed for A2 Maths, presented in accessible note form and compiled by top examiners. Individual pages are hole-punched and can easily be removed for insertion into students own files. The Collins Revision Notes sers has been specially designed to give students the best possible help as they approach their A2 exams. The content is presented in a highly visual form, using bullet points, flowcharts, tables, diagrams, highlighting and artwork so that all key points are instantly obvious and easy to revise.
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