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Sweetness In The Belly (  ) Gibb, Camilla (),  Penguin USA

Gibb, Camilla ()
Sweetness In The Belly ( )

: Gibb, Camilla ()
: Sweetness In The Belly ( )
: Penguin USA
ISBN: 0143038729
ISBN-13(EAN): 9780143038726
: Paperback
: 338
: 2007
: Like Brick Lane and The Kite Runner, Camilla Gibbas widely praised new novel is a poignant and intensely atmospheric look beyond the stereotypes of Islam. After her hippie British parents are murdered, Lilly is raised at a Sufi shrine in Morocco. As a young woman she goes on pilgrimage to Harar, Ethiopia, where she teaches Quraan to children and falls in love with an idealistic doctor. But even swathed in a traditional headscarf, Lilly canat escape being marked as a foreigner. Forced to flee Ethiopia for England, she must once again confront the riddle of who she is and where she belongs.