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Brand Leadership ( ) Aaker, David A. (),  Simon & Schuster

Aaker, David A. ()
Brand Leadership ( )

: Aaker, David A. ()
: Brand Leadership ( )
: Simon & Schuster
: , ,
ISBN: 0684839245
ISBN-13(EAN): 9780684839240
: Hardcover
: 368
: 2000
: A dozen management fads have come and gone in the past decade, but brand equity, first explored by David Aaker in the late 1980s, has exploded in importance. Recognized byBrandweekas the dean of the brand-equity movement, Aaker now prepares managers for the next level of the brand revolution -- brand leadership.For the first time, Aaker and coauthor Erich Joachimsthaler describe how the emerging paradigm of strategic brand leadership is replacing the classic, tactically oriented brand management system pioneered by Procter & Gamble. This fundamental shift involves nothing less than a revolution in organizational structure, systems, and culture -- as the authors demonstrate with hundreds of case studies from companies such as Polo Ralph Lauren, Virgin Airlines, Adidas, GE, Marriott, IBM, McDonalds, Maggi, and Swatch. This immensely readable book provides the brand management team with the capability to: Create and elaborate brand identities (what should the brand stand for) Use the brand relationship spectrum, a powerful tool to harness subbrands and endorsed brands to form brand architectures that create clarity, synergy and leveraged assets Identify the customer sweet spot and the driving idea that will move brand-building efforts beyond advertising to break out of the clutter Use the Internet and sponsorship to make brands resources work more effectively Address the four imperatives of global brand management Like David Aakers two previous bestselling books,Brand Leadershipwill be essential reading for line executives and brand managers in market-driven firms worldwide.


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Gayle Mike ( )
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