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Last Don Puzo Mario,  Random House

Puzo Mario
Last Don

: Puzo Mario
: Last Don
: Random House
ISBN: 0099427877
ISBN-13(EAN): 9780099427872
: Paperback
: 482
: 1997
: This text aims to offer the essentials anybody new to PowerPoint 2002 needs to create presentation slides, dress them up using templates and graphics, add sound and animation, and present in a business or internet setting. This novel tells the story of the last great Mafia family, and its head, Don Domenico, describing his attempt to leave the world of crime and consolidate the family`s power in Las Vegas and Hollywood.


Puzo Mario ( ) Last Don. The ( )

Puzo Mario ( )
Last Don. The ( )
: Random House
: : The personal conflict between two cousins is set against the backdrop of Hollywood and Las Vegas, in a story of the operations and machinations of America's last great crime family, the Clericuzios. ... >>>

Puzo Mario Last don

Puzo Mario
Last don
: Random House
: : Domenico Clericuzio is a wise and ruthless man who in his old age is determined to create a life free from criminal activities for his grandchildren. But as he strives to establish his heirs in legiti... >>>