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Indecision Benjamin Kunkel,  Random House

Benjamin Kunkel

: Benjamin Kunkel
: Indecision
: Random House
ISBN: 0812976517
ISBN-13(EAN): 9780812976519
: 286
: 2006
: Dwight Wilmerding, twenty-eight, is having a midlife crisis. And theres an even bigger problem: his chronic inability to make up his mind. Encouraged to try a drug meant to banish indecision, he is all at once fired from his low-grade tech-support job in Manhattan and invited to a rendezvous in exotic Ecuador with the girl of his long-ago prep-school dreams. Unable to decide if the magic pills are working, he finds his would-be romantic escape becoming a journey into unbidden responsibility and - deep in the jungles of the Amazon - the foreign country of a changed outlook. Indecision manages to make the whole flailing, postadolescent, prelife crisis feel fresh and funny again . . . The funniest and smartest coming-of-age novel in years Jay McInerney, New York Times Book Review Hes got this voice that just grabs your attention and wont let go . . . Old Dwights book really knocked me out Michiko Kakutani, New York Times


Kunkel, Benjamin Indecision (PB) ()

Kunkel, Benjamin
Indecision (PB) ()
: Pan Macmillan
: : Dwight Wilmerding, the vacillating, down-market prepster protagonist of Kunkel's debut novel, gets fired from his low-level job at Pfizer and, with the lease running out on his hive-like Chambers Stre... >>>