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Subtle Knife, The Pullman Philip,  Random House

Pullman Philip
Subtle Knife, The

: Pullman Philip
: Subtle Knife, The
: Random House
ISBN: 0440238145
ISBN-13(EAN): 9780440238140
: Mass Market Paperbou
: 304
: 2003
: A BBC Radio 4 fullcast dramatisation of the second book in Philip Pullman s trilogy His Dark Materials. The story begins in Oxford, where Will Parry is desperate to discover the truth about his disappeared father. Climbing through an extraordinary window in the air, Will meets Lyra and her personal daemon who we first met in Northern Lights. Together they embark on a fantastical quest which mixes science, theology and magic to stirring and exciting effect. first instalment, Northern Lights, and the third, The Subtle Knife, are also in release.