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Shakespeare`s A Midsummer Night`s Dream (.    ) Rackham Arthur,  Dover

Rackham Arthur
Shakespeare`s A Midsummer Night`s Dream (. )

: Rackham Arthur
: Shakespeare`s A Midsummer Night`s Dream (. )
: Dover
: , ,
ISBN: 0486428338
ISBN-13(EAN): 9780486428338
: Trade Paperback
: 176
: 2003
: Shakespeares incomparable romantic comedy takes on a new and vivid life with a series of brilliant images by one of the twentieth centurys leading illustrators. The fairy world of A Midsummer Nights Dream is the perfect milieu for Arthur Rackham, who posessessed a unique and striking gift for depicting fanciful creatures. His career coincided with the era known as the Golden Age of illustration, which saw the rise of increasingly sophisticated colour printing techniques. His magnificent interpretation of A Midsummer Nights Dream first appeared in 1908, and this faithful reprint offers a quality of printing and sharpness of reproduction that rivals the limited and first editions. The complete text of the play appears here, along with 40 full-colour and numerous black and white illustrations by the master of fantasy art. Unabridged republication of the work originally published by William Heinemann, London, 1908.
: .


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