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Marriage and Other Games Henry, Veronica,  Orion Publishers

Henry, Veronica
Marriage and Other Games

: Henry, Veronica
: Marriage and Other Games
: Orion Publishers
ISBN: 1409102262
ISBN-13(EAN): 9781409102267
: Forgive and forget Could you... When girl-about-town Charlotte discovers her husband has been arrested for fraud, she flees to the wilds of Exmoor to nurse her broken heart. Yet despite the slower pace of life, she finds shes not the only person whose life is in turmoil. Theres Sebastian, bad boy of the British art scene, determined to drink the local pub dry while his wife lives it up in London. Then Fitch, who married the high-spirited Hayley thinking he would find wedded bliss, but is struggling to keep up with her outrageous demands. And finally Penny, recently divorced and quietly determined to have more fun second time around but who with As Charlotte adapts to a life without LK Bennett and Starbucks on the doorstep, she turns to her newfound friends for advice. Can she find it in her heart to forgive her husband for what he did And if she does, will it be too late
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Sanghera, Sathnam Marriage Material ( :   )

Sanghera, Sathnam
Marriage Material ( : )
: Random House
: : To Arjan Banga, returning to the Black country after the unexpected death of his father, his family corner store is all that he tried to leave behind, the sluggish pace of life, the island rituals and... >>>

Minhas Nisha Marriage Market

Minhas Nisha
Marriage Market
: Simon & Schuster
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