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Stalking Susan ( ) Kramer, J.,  Random House

Kramer, J.
Stalking Susan ( )

: Kramer, J.
: Stalking Susan ( )
: Random House
ISBN: 0307388514
ISBN-13(EAN): 9780307388513
: Mass Market Paperbound
: 387
: 2009
: Inside the desperate world of TV news, a reporter discovers a serial killer is targeting women named Susan.Riley Spartz is recovering from a heartbreaking, headline-making catastrophe of her own when a Minneapolis police source drops two homicide files in her lap.Both cold cases involve women named Susan strangled on the same day, one year apart. Riley sees a pattern between those murders and others pulled from old death records. As the deadly anniversary approaches, she stages a bold on-air stunt to draw the killer out and uncover a motive that will leave readers breathless.