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Beyond  ,  Abrams


: Beyond
: Abrams
ISBN: 0810995468
ISBN-13(EAN): 9780810995468
: Paperback
: 320
: 2008
: An aesthetic revelation. . . . A spectacular melding of science and art.Los Angeles Times Now in an affordable paperback edition accompanying a national touring exhibition that The New York Times acclaimed as stunning, this epic photographic tour of the solar system will inspire a new audience with a sense of wonder. To create Beyond, author Michael Benson spent years compiling and digitally processing 295 of the greatest photographs taken by the amazing spacecrafts that have been exploring the solar system for almost half a century. The images, many revealing iconic landmarks, are of a quality to rival the greatest landscape photography on Earth. The eloquent and informative text, with contributions by legendary science-fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke and award-winning critic Laurence Weschler, as well as essays by the author, is a delight to read


Benson, Michael Beyond: A Solar System Voyage (   )

Benson, Michael
Beyond: A Solar System Voyage ( )
: Abrams
: , NON-FICTION : Since the 1960s, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration has been sending unmanned satellites to explore the planets, moons and sun. These probes have amassed a stunning visual record of oth... >>>

Kirkpatrick, Russell Beyond the Wall of Time (  )

Kirkpatrick, Russell
Beyond the Wall of Time ( )
: Hachette Book Group
: : The wall of time has fallen and the Gods are free to ravage the world. The few that know of their escape into mortal lands are under the control of the malevolent Husk. Stella, a queen in hiding, ... >>>

Watson, Jude Beyond the Grave

Watson, Jude
Beyond the Grave
: Mixed Publishers
: , , >>>

White,Antonia Beyond the glass

Beyond the glass
: Little, Brown
: : Clara Batchelor is 22. Her brief, doomed marriage to Archie over, she returns to live with her parents in the home of her childhood. She hopes for comfort, but the devoutly Catholic household confines... >>>

Robert Goddard Beyond Recall ( )

Robert Goddard
Beyond Recall ( )
: Transworld Publishers
: : At a wedding party in Cornwall in the summer of 1981, Chris Napier is shocked to recognise a dishevelled intruder as his childhood friend Nicky Lanyon, whom he has not seen since his father, Michael L... >>>

Slaughter, Karin Beyond Reach ( )

Slaughter, Karin
Beyond Reach ( )
: Random House
: : In this heart-stopping "New York Times" bestseller from the author of "Faithless", the violent death of a woman leads Grant County's medical examiner/pediatrician Sara Linton and her police chief husb... >>>

Karin Slaughter BEYOND REACH

Karin Slaughter
: Random House
: : With over seven million copies of her books sold in twenty-two countries, #1 internationally bestselling author Karin Slaughter delivers crime fiction at its finest. Now she returns to Grant county, G... >>>

Ernst Max Beyond Painting: And Other Writings by the Artist and His Friends

Ernst Max
Beyond Painting: And Other Writings by the Artist and His Friends
: Mixed Publishers
: , NON-FICTION , >>>

Dick Philip Beyond lies the wub

Dick Philip
Beyond lies the wub
: Orion Publishers
: : Displaying the author`s humorous, idiosyncratically philosophical world view, this book contains stories, most of which were written over a ninemonth period between 1951 and 1952.... >>>

Kaku, Michio Beyond Einstein

Kaku, Michio
Beyond Einstein
: Random House
: >>>