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Leaves and pods Iselin/Hannibal,  Abrams

Leaves and pods

: Iselin/Hannibal
: Leaves and pods
: Abrams
ISBN: 0810930781
ISBN-13(EAN): 9780810930780
: Hardcover
: 144
: 2006
: From the delicate new growth that emerges in springtime to jewel-toned fall foliage to winters brown husks, leaves unfurl, mature, and wither in a life cycle that evokes our own. But a trees leaves and the protective pods that cradle its seeds not only serve as metaphors for our lives: they actually sustain us. Each leaf plays an essential role, gathering nutrients for the tree and producing oxygen for the planet. In Leaves & Pods, artist Josie Iselin celebrates the diversity and beauty of these transitory objects with lushly detailed portraits of foliage she has gathered throughout the seasons across the world. As in her previous book, Beach Stones, Iselin arranges found natural objects into striking images, which she produces on a flatbed scanner. In her introduction and captions, nature writer Mary Ellen Hannibal thoughtfully examines leaves and pods in all their variety, explaining why they look as they do and their essential role in supporting life on earth. Both an art book and a botanical guide, Leaves & Pods reveals the splendor, complexity, and purpose of some of the most common objects in our natural world. This contemplation of nature combines aesthetic delight in familiar objects with scientific fact and philosophical wonder.


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