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Human Neuroanatomy A Text, Brain Atlas and Laboratory Dissection Guide  ,  Oxford University Press

Human Neuroanatomy A Text, Brain Atlas and Laboratory Dissection Guide

: Human Neuroanatomy A Text, Brain Atlas and Laboratory Dissection Guide
: Oxford University Press
: , ,
ISBN: 0195371429
ISBN-13(EAN): 9780195371420
: Spiral bound
: 320
: 2009
: Human Neuroanatomy: A Text, Brain Atlas, and Laboratory Dissection Guide has been substantially changed and updated from a previous edition entitled The Human Brain in Dissection published in 1988 and accordingly has been re-titled. The last 20 years have seen a significant shift in the way anatomy and its sub-disciplines like neuroanatomy are taught in both undergraduate and graduate neuroscience courses; not only has the time allocated for these courses been reduced, but the teaching methodologies have become more focused and specific due to time constraints. As reported by Drake et. al., Medical education in the anatomical sciences: the winds of change continue to blow (Anat. Sci. Educ., 2: 253-259, 2009), we have seen an overall drop in the total number of lecture hours and laboratory hours since the last survey done of medical curricula in 2002. Human Neuroanatomy has been reconstructed to appeal to just these changes: courses with a lab/dissection component as well as those without will find this guide the perfect teaching tool to understand human neuroanatomy. With these limitations in mind and to better meet current requirements the authors have expanded the textural content in this new edition and separated it entirely from the dissection instructions which have been retained. The Laboratory Exercise as it is now designated stands alone in a highlighted box in each chapter. It outlines what is to be accomplished during a given session using pre-dissected specimens and/or appropriate models or by exposing them in a dissection. Clear step by step procedural instructions are provided and important structures to be seen are highlighted. The dissection sequence laid out in the chapters is a progressive one requiring only a single wet specimen and ideally completed in two hour periods. Students who do not have the opportunity to dissect, however may simply skip these paragraphs.


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