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Holy city Mccabe, Patrick,  Bloomsbury

Mccabe, Patrick
Holy city

: Mccabe, Patrick
: Holy city
: Bloomsbury
ISBN: 1408800756
ISBN-13(EAN): 9781408800751
: Paperback
: 224
: 2010
: Now entering his sixty-seventh year, Chris McCool can confidently call himself a member of the Happy Club: he has an attractive and exceedingly accommodating Croatian girlfriend and has been told he bears more than a passing resemblance to Roger Moore. As he looks back on the glory days of his youth, he recalls the swinging sixties of rural Ireland: a decade in which the cool cats sang along to Lulu and drove around in Ford Cortinas, when swinging meant wearing velvet trousers and shirts with frills, and where Dolores McCausland - Dolly Mixtures to those who knew her best - danced on the tops of tables and set the pulses of every man in small-town Cullymore racing. Chris McCool had it all back then. He had the moves, he had the car, and he had Dolly, a woman who purred suggestive songs and tugged gently at her skin-tight dresses, a Protestant femme fatale who was glamorous, transgressive and who called him her very own Mr Wonderful. She was, in short, the answer to this bastard son of a Catholic farmers prayers. Except that there was another Mr Wonderful in town, a certain Marcus Otoyo - a young Nigerian with glossy curls and a dazzling devoutness that was all but irresistible.


Richard Marcinko Holy Terror

Richard Marcinko
Holy Terror
: Bloomsbury
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Eduardo Rubio Mendez Holy Places, Sacred Sites: A Journey to the World`s Most Spiritual Locations

Eduardo Rubio Mendez
Holy Places, Sacred Sites: A Journey to the World`s Most Spiritual Locations
: Thames & Hudson
: , NON-FICTION : Eduardo Rubio Mendez travelled the world, visiting a hundred or so countries and taking over 70,000 photographs. His mission is to search for God and the gods, as well as those who believe in them, an... >>>

Harris, Joanne Holy fools ()

Harris, Joanne
Holy fools ()
: Random House
: : Forced by circumstance to seek refuge with her daughter, in the abbey of Sainte Marie-de-la-Mer, Juliette reinvents herself as Soeur Auguste under the tutelage of the Abbess. But times are changing: t... >>>