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Blindman`S Bluff Faye Kellerman,  HarperCollins

Faye Kellerman
Blindman`S Bluff

: Faye Kellerman
: Blindman`S Bluff
: HarperCollins
ISBN: 0007295618
ISBN-13(EAN): 9780007295616
: Paperback
: 2010
: Guy Kaffey thought his wealth could acquire anything- including the best security money can buy. When his family are gunned to death on their vast Butterfly Ranch estate, its clear that he was tragically wrong. Lieutenant Peter Decker of the LAPD is given the task of piecing together what happened. From the start, he suspects an inside job and that the answer lies with Kaffeys fortune. The daunting scale of Kaffeys business empire produces no shortage of suspects: from members of his bodyguard, to business partners, rival tycoons, even family members. But as LAs ferocious street gangs hire themselves out to unknown paymasters in a cycle of revenge and death, Deckers own family is threatened. And if a billionaire like Kaffey cant protect his own, what hope does Decker have?