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American Modern ( ) O'Brien Thomas, Light Lisa,  Abrams

O'Brien Thomas, Light Lisa
American Modern ( )

: O'Brien Thomas, Light Lisa
: American Modern ( )
: Abrams
ISBN: 0810984784
ISBN-13(EAN): 9780810984783
: Hardcover
: 240
: 2010
: Designer and merchant, collector and tastemaker, Thomas Oa??Brien has made a career of translating cool notions of modernism into an easy and generous array of modern styles that anyone can attain. Now he introduces readers to a range of those styles?from casual to formal, vintage to urban?alongside stunning photography and charming design stories.A A A A A Oa??Brien carefully describes the design process of his chosen projects, including a downtown New York City loft, a traditional Connecticut estate, and a converted schoolhouse in eastern Long Island. Each home explores a view on the modern design spectrum he has created, as well as the individual choices that make the design unique and its mix essentially American. He explains not only what was at work to create a given style, but how readers can import those practices to their own homes and personal design sensibilities.


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