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Bonds of Vengeance Coe David B.,  Holtzbrink

Coe David B.
Bonds of Vengeance

: Coe David B.
: Bonds of Vengeance
: Holtzbrink
ISBN: 081259018X
ISBN-13(EAN): 9780812590180
: After nine hundred years of peace, unrest among the magical Qirsi people has blossomed into a conspiracy against their Eandi rulers. Led by a mysterious Qirsi Weaver who can reach into the minds of others even in their sleep, the rebellion is now turning Qirsi against Qirsi, as it weakens alliances among the Eandi. Some Qirsi ministers are torn by their loyalty to their lords; others are ready to join the increasingly violent rebellion. Even some Qirsi who oppose the rebellion take sides against their lords, as one Eandi lord prepares for war against his peers. Yet as the world tilts toward terrible upheaval, some stand firm against the chaos. Grinsa, a Qirsi gleaner, dreads a war he knows would spell disaster for Qirsi and Eandi alike.. Grinsa may be the only person who can halt the slide into full-scale war. Along with his sister, archminister to their peaceloving king, he risks death to save the realm. But as the fragile peace unravels, their efforts may be too late, as realms plunge toward war, goaded by traitors within their gates.