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Kings of the Water ( ) Mark Behr,  Little, Brown

Mark Behr
Kings of the Water ( )

: Mark Behr
: Kings of the Water ( )
: Little, Brown
ISBN: 0349122644
ISBN-13(EAN): 9780349122649
: Paperback
: 256
: 2010
: When Michiel Steyn returns to South Africa for his beloved mothers funeral, he has spent close to half his lifetime abroad. But neither Michiel nor those he left behind have truly come to terms with his terrible flight from the farm they called Paradise. As Michiel submits himself to the rituals of mourning and remembrance in the small town where he became a man, all that has lain undisturbed for a decade and a half is brought to light. A fathers implacable fury and a brothers violent death, the betrayal of love and the ugly memory of the dying days of apartheid all come between the prodigal and forgiveness. Michiel finds that he must confront not only his grief for his mothers passing but the painful truth of his own transgressions.


Holland Cecelia Kings of the North

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Kings of the North
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