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The preacher () Camilla L?ckberg,  HarperCollins

Camilla L?ckberg
The preacher ()

: Camilla L?ckberg
: The preacher ()
: HarperCollins
ISBN: 000725394X
ISBN-13(EAN): 9780007253944
: Paperback
: 2010
: Praise for The Preacher: [Lackberg] is an expert at mixing scenes of domestic cosiness with blood-curdling horror ... a must for white-knuckle junkies Guardian A welcome addition to the swelling ranks of Scandinavian crime writers! a good, solid read Irish Independent Praise for The Ice Princess: Another top-class Scandinavian crime writer reaches the British market The Times A welcome new voice in crime fiction Woman & Home Has a brooding quality redolent of its barren Swedish landscapes! intriguing and not a little disturbing Irish Times Chilly, deceptive and lucid, just like the icy environment it describes Literary Review Heart-stopping and heart-warming, The Ice Princess is a masterclass in Scandinavian crime writing Val McDermid Camilla Lackberg is a more than welcome addition to the growing ranks of Scandinavian crime writers translated into English. With its sharp emotional nuances and psychological insight, The Ice Princess builds in suspense as the author turns her clear eye on the buried secrets and contemporary relationships of a small, isolated community. I predict that Fjallbacka and its crimes and people will soon be as poplular here as they are in her native Sweden Peter Robinson European reviews for The Ice Princess: The plot is simply superb, in an almost Agatha Christie-style. The cast of characters emerge with clarity and feel quite genuine! secrets come out in the 331-page book that bring about more things than murder. I read it in one go. A book that you cant put down Sala Allehanda Camilla Lackberg is a Crime Queen Bild am Sontag Strong portrayals and ice-cold suspense from Swedens new Agatha Christie My Life Ingenious Metropol This is unputdownable. Lackberg keeps the thrills coming until the very end Viva Camilla Lackberg was voted Swedish Writer of the Year for 2005. Bring on the next one! Crimezone.nl An amazingly mature, well thought-out and exciting criminal novel!Leckberg stands out as the best first-time offender of the year Jury


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