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Fuzzy Logic and the Semantic Web, Elie Sanchez,  Elsevier Science

Elie Sanchez
Fuzzy Logic and the Semantic Web,

: Elie Sanchez
: Fuzzy Logic and the Semantic Web,
: Elsevier Science
: , ,
ISBN: 0444519483
ISBN-13(EAN): 9780444519481
: Hardback
: 496
: 2006
: These are exciting times in the fields of Fuzzy Logic and the Semantic Web, and this book will add to the excitement, as it is the first volume to focus on the growing connections between these two fields. This book is expected to be a valuable aid to anyone considering the application of Fuzzy Logic to the Semantic Web, because it contains a number of detailed accounts of these combined fields, written by leading authors in several countries. The Fuzzy Logic field has been maturing for forty years. These years have witnessed a tremendous growth in the number and variety of applications, with a real-world impact across a wide variety of domains with humanlike behavior and reasoning. And we believe that in the coming years, the Semantic Web will be major field of applications of Fuzzy Logic. This book, the first in the new series Capturing Intelligence, shows the positive role Fuzzy Logic, and more generally Soft Computing, can play in the development of the Semantic Web,...