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10-Minute Watercolours (  10 ) Hazel Soan,  HarperCollins

Hazel Soan
10-Minute Watercolours ( 10 )

: Hazel Soan
: 10-Minute Watercolours ( 10 )
: HarperCollins
ISBN: 0007202156
ISBN-13(EAN): 9780007202157
: Paperback
: 192
: 2005
: A handy, practical and inspirational little book - perfect for the pocket or art bag - showing watercolour painters of all levels how to loosen up their paintings and maintain spontaneity. Written by popular artist Hazel Soan, the book is arranged in two parts: the first section explains all about watercolour and shows what can be achieved with it in a short time span; the second section suggests specific approaches to painting in particular situations. INCLUDES: Covering all the essential techniques, the book focuses on maximising brushstrokes and exploring colours. / Useful advice on deciding what to include and what to leave out / Helpful chapters on painting a wide range of subjects, including people, landscapes, seascapes, buildings, gardens, flowers and still life subjects


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