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Bernhard Schobinger  ,  ACC-distribution titles

Bernhard Schobinger

: Bernhard Schobinger
: ACC-distribution titles
ISBN: 3897901838
ISBN-13(EAN): 9783897901834
: Hardback
: 192
: 1999
: Bernhard Schobinger is a megastar of the contemporary jewellery scene. Whereas his earlier jewellery reveals the influence of Punk, more recent pieces tend to emanate an aura of mysticism. An example of the mischevious delight in experimenting is the way he links diamonds with objects that may have been retrieved from a rubbish bin, a gesture that brands the glitter of the diamonds as the detritus of the throw-away society. The indissoluble link between Bernhard Schobingers jewellery and the photographs of it by Annelies Strba, a leading contemporary photographer, has been forged by Strbas documentary approach to recording these pieces. This volume showcases 240 of Schobingers pieces. The Swiss jewellery artist Bernhard Schobinger is one of the most forcefully expressive, critical and aesthetically inspiring contemporary exponents of his art. This volume showcases 240 of his pieces.