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Fireplace Accessories (    ) Dona Z. Meilach,  Schiffer

Dona Z. Meilach
Fireplace Accessories ( )

: Dona Z. Meilach
: Fireplace Accessories ( )
: Schiffer
ISBN: 076431615X
ISBN-13(EAN): 9780764316159
: Hardcover
: 256 pages, 417ill.(3
: 2002
: Here is the first book that focuses on unique custom-made fireplace accessories as works of art by talented modern artist blacksmiths. Over 400 ideas for unusual fireplace designs reflect historical styles from Renaissance to Post-Modern. You will be amazed at the infinite effects that can be wrought from a bar of metal between the hammers and anvils of more than 100 master artist blacksmiths from nine countries. Youll learn to appreciate the forms that are used, from scrolls to carved animals, and to recognize their texturing, unusual handles and hinges, supports, and more. Fire screens, hoods, doors, andirons, grates, tongs, pokers, shovels, brooms, and their stands emerge as significant decorative items in todays homes. This is also a wonderful sourcebook for homeowners and designers seeking original art for their homes. You will marvel at the artistry, variety, and craftsmanship.


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