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Alvaro Siza ( ) Leoni,  ACC-distribution titles

Alvaro Siza ( )

: Leoni
: Alvaro Siza ( )
: ACC-distribution titles
ISBN: 8864130063
ISBN-13(EAN): 9788864130064
: Hardcover
: 120
: 2009
: The aim of the collection is to offer a series of short monographs which, though brief, nevertheless deal with all aspects of the masters personality: works, constructed or otherwise, primary written sources, critiques and photographic interpretations. The underlying aim is to offer an in-depth, comprehensive overview targeted at anyoneinterested in learning about architecture including students, professionals or simply those who are interested in the subject, by providing not only basic information but also guidance interms of gaining more insight into the subject. The volumes are dedicated to some of the best known modern and contemporary architects.


Enrico Molteni Alvaro Siza: Private Houses ( )

Enrico Molteni
Alvaro Siza: Private Houses ( )
: Thames & Hudson
: , NON-FICTION , : This richly illustrated book examines the houses designed by Alvaro Siza, one of the masters of contemporary architecture. The 28 villas represent an important aspect of Sizas career, where his distin... >>>

  Alvaro Siza: Modern Redux

Alvaro Siza: Modern Redux
: Mixed Publishers
: , NON-FICTION : The work of the Portuguese architect Alvaro Siza tells the story of architecture from Modernity through to the twenty-first century. The architectural legacy of the European avant-garde of the 20s and... >>>