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Dietrich: A Biography () Ean Wood,  Daedalus

Ean Wood
Dietrich: A Biography ()

: Ean Wood
: Dietrich: A Biography ()
: Daedalus
ISBN: 1860744095
ISBN-13(EAN): 9781860744099
: Hardcover
: 300
: 2002
: Hollywood icon, German dissident, lover, war heroine, distant mother, and eventual recluse. These are just some of the sobriquets attached to Marlene Dietrich. Ean Wood seeks to show the true Marlene Dietrich, the girl from Berlin who would find herself at the centre of world events, a supporter of the Allied cause and movie icon, meeting, working with and loving some of the most powerful and influential men of the 20th century.
: Daedalus