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Mid-Atlantic Lighthouses  ,  Mixed Publishers

Mid-Atlantic Lighthouses

: Mid-Atlantic Lighthouses
: Mixed Publishers
ISBN: 0762730420
ISBN-13(EAN): 9780762730421
: Paperback
: 93
: 2005
: Mid-Atlantic Lighthouses takes readers on more than just a regional tour; it traces the beginnings of our country and the role lighthouses played in that drama. This book features approximately fifty lighthouses and four lightships from the Hudson River to Chesapeake Bay. Highlights include: Built in 1797 under direct orders from Washington, Long Islands Montauk Point Light provided countless immigrants with their first sight of America and has become a lasting symbol of freedom. New Jerseys Sandy Hook Light, completed in 1764, shepherded its share of newcomers to our shores and, its light still burning bright, is the nations oldest continually operating navigational aid. The Thomas Point Light, its hexagon shape not far from Annapolis, Maryland, is well into its second century of protecting freighters from the treacherous shoals menacing Chesapeake Bay. Placed in service in 1792 after its construction was delayed by the Revolutionary War, Virginias Cape Henry Light continues to stand as a symbol of our nations resolute forefathers.
: Daedalus