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Bath and Spa (  ) Sibylle Kramer,  Thames & Hudson

Sibylle Kramer
Bath and Spa ( )

: Sibylle Kramer
: Bath and Spa ( )
: Thames & Hudson
ISBN: 3938780398
ISBN-13(EAN): 9783938780398
: Hardback
: 272
: 2008
: In the public perception as well as the privacy of the home the bath has transformed itself to a freely designed adventurous space. Peace and repose are a priority; inspirations for contemporary concepts and designs are drawn from all different kinds of bath cultures worldwide. The spa as a social trend offers balsam for the soul and for the body a sensuous break from everyday reality. The present volume, rich in information, illustrations and plan material, provides an insight into the fantastic creativity of modern bath and spa architecture by featuring more than 60 projects from around the world. The Hotel Puerta America is one of the highlights: Each floor has been designed by a different architect, including Zaha Hadid, Ron Arad and the team Javier Mariscal & Fernando Salas. In this way, baths with very individual styles have emerged - each, a masterpiece in its own right. Another gem: The new spa in the town of Bath by Grimshaw is a fascinating interplay between tradition and modernity. From private baths that encourage relaxation, to the luxury wellness temples: In this book, you can visually experience the coming together of solid and fluid elements in architecture and interior design.


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