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Baroque Architecture (  1600-1750) Fr?d?rique Lemerle,  Thames & Hudson

Fr?d?rique Lemerle
Baroque Architecture ( 1600-1750)

: Fr?d?rique Lemerle
: Baroque Architecture ( 1600-1750)
: Thames & Hudson
ISBN: 2080300628
ISBN-13(EAN): 9782080300621
: Hardback
: 248
: 2008
: This book, beautifully illustrated and written by two authorities on sixteenth and seventeenth-century art and architecture, leads the reader through the major styles and shifts of baroque architecture throughout Europe and beyond, and provides a fascinating account of how baroque developed in relation to the unique urban culture of each nation where the style became popular. To admire the undulating facade of Romes San Carlo alle Quattro Fontane, to walk through the Palace of Versailles lavish succession of rooms, or to marvel at the seemingly endless array of columns and windows of St. Petersburgs Winter Palace is to observe architecture in the act of glorifying the key powers of the daythe empire, wealth, the church, and even mankinds inventiveness. In-depth coverage of the architecture of France and Italy is coupled with serious analysis on how the style developed in Spain, Portugal, Poland, Russia, and Scandinavia, as well as in the Spanish and Portuguese colonies in the Americas.Giving the richest and most complete account of its history to date, this is an essential introduction to baroque architecture for the general reader.


Sillevis Baroque World of Fernando Botero (   )

Baroque World of Fernando Botero ( )
: Yale University Press
: , NON-FICTION : Colombian-born Fernando Botero is a painter, sculptor, and draftsman renowned for his extravagantly rounded figures combining the polish and excess of Spanish colonial baroque with the social realism ... >>>

Stella, Jacques Baroque ornament and design (   )

Stella, Jacques
Baroque ornament and design ( )
: Dover
: , NON-FICTION , : The 17th century French artist Jacques Stella (1596-1657) embodied the Baroque sensibility in Italy and France. Engravings of his classical motifs are available in this catalog, including lush florals... >>>

  Baroque Music: Music in Western Europe, 1580-1750 (The Norton Introduction to Music History) (Hardcover)

Baroque Music: Music in Western Europe, 1580-1750 (The Norton Introduction to Music History) (Hardcover)
: Wiley
: , NON-FICTION , : This colourful book surveys the innovations and the stylistic diversity of the music from this period by an in-depth study of the cultural socio-political forces which inevitably defined the period of... >>>

Toman Rolf Baroque box ()

Toman Rolf
Baroque box ()
: Mixed Publishers
: , NON-FICTION , : After the global hit Ars Sacra, Rolf Toman and his team embark on a journey once more. The Palace of Versailles and St. Peter s Basilica in the Vatican are the outstanding buildings from this epoch. T... >>>

Carl And Charles Baroque Art

Carl And Charles
Baroque Art
: ACC-distribution titles
: , NON-FICTION , : Sicilian Baroque is the distinctive form of Baroque architecture that took hold on the island of Sicily in the 17th and 18th centuries, following an intensive surge of building in the wake of the deva... >>>

  Baroque and Rococo Pb (  )

Baroque and Rococo Pb ( )
: Thames & Hudson
: , NON-FICTION : Baroque and Rococo art and architecture have become popular once more, after a century and a half of neglect, misunderstanding and scorn. This radical shift in taste has led to a rapid growth of detai... >>>

  Baroque (LCT) ()

Baroque (LCT) ()
: Mixed Publishers
: , NON-FICTION , >>>

Bailey Gauvin Baroque & Rococo

Bailey Gauvin
Baroque & Rococo
: Mixed Publishers