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Franklin the Autobiography (: ) Franklin, Benjamin,  Random House

Franklin, Benjamin
Franklin the Autobiography (: )

: Franklin, Benjamin
: Franklin the Autobiography (: )
: Random House
ISBN: 0679726136
ISBN-13(EAN): 9780679726135
: Paperback
: 240
: 1990
: Famous as a scientist, statesman, philosopher, businessman, and civic leader, Benjamin Franklin was also one of the most powerful and controversial American writers of his time, and has been a subject of intense debate ever since: to Matthew Arnold, he exemplified victorious good sense; to D.H. Lawrence, he was the first dummy American. Franklins classic Autobiography is his last word on his greatest literary creation his own invented persona, the original incarnation of the American success story. For the first time, the authoritative editions of works by major American novelists, poets, scholars, and essayists collected in the hardcover volumes of The Library of America are being published singly in a series of handsome and durable paperback books. A distinguished author has contributed an introduction for each volume, which also includes a detailed chronology of the authors life and career, an essay on the choice of the text, and notes.