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Chemistry of Tears Carey Peter,  Faber

Carey Peter
Chemistry of Tears

: Carey Peter
: Chemistry of Tears
: Faber
ISBN: 057127997X
ISBN-13(EAN): 9780571279975
: Paperback
: 288
: 2012
: Its London 2010, Catherine Gehrig, conservator at the Swinburne museum, learns of the unexpected death of her colleague and lover of thirteen years. As the mistress of a married man she has to grieve in private. One other person knows their secret, the director of the museum, who arranges for Catherine to be given a project away from prying eyes.


Simon Beckett Chemistry of Death

Simon Beckett
Chemistry of Death
: Transworld Publishers
: : then they found what was left of Sally Palmer. It isn`t just that she was a friend that disturbs him. Once he`d been a high-profile forensic anthropologist, before tragedy made him abandon this previo... >>>