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Antique Stained Glass Windows for the Home (    ) Molly Higgins,  Schiffer

Molly Higgins
Antique Stained Glass Windows for the Home ( )

: Molly Higgins
: Antique Stained Glass Windows for the Home ( )
: Schiffer
ISBN: 076432182X
ISBN-13(EAN): 9780764321825
: Hardback
: 192 pages
: 2005
: Large quantities of leaded decorative windows were manufactured in the years surrounding the turn of the century. Glasses of many colors and textures were used to make elaborate windows for homes, creating spectacular presentations of light and color formerly seen only in churches. These windows are enormously popular on todays antiques market, varying widely in price and condition. This attractive book is a useful tool for anyone looking to bring the enchanting beauty of stained glass into their home. In this revised 2nd edition there are hundreds of gorgeous windows of many shapes, sizes, colors, and complexities are featured here, including etched, beveled, painted, and mosaic windows. Learn about the influences of some of the more prominent names in decorative windows, including Louis Comfort Tiffany, John LaFarge, and Frank Lloyd Wright. Original catalog material, a discussion of glass and leading types, values for each window, and other information will help you assess decorative windows in the marketp


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