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Risk of Darkness ( ) Hill Susan,  Random House

Hill Susan
Risk of Darkness ( )

: Hill Susan
: Risk of Darkness ( )
: Random House
ISBN: 0099535025
ISBN-13(EAN): 9780099535027
: Paperback
: 496
: 2009
: A novel that explores the crazy grief of a widowed husband, a derangement which turns to obsession and threats, violence and terror.


Pilcher, Robin Risk Worth Taking

Pilcher, Robin
Risk Worth Taking
: Holtzbrink
: : The "New York Times" bestselling author of "An Ocean Apart" pens a poignant and moving story about a Londoner who leaves the world of high finance following the collapse of his marriage for a new star... >>>

Hopkin Paul Risk Management ( : -)

Hopkin Paul
Risk Management ( : -)
: Mixed Publishers
: , , : Risk management is not just a topic for risk professionals. Managers and directors at all levels must be equipped with an understanding of risk and the tools and processes required to assess and manag... >>>

Dobson Risk Factors in Depression

Risk Factors in Depression
: Elsevier Science
: , : Women are twice as likely to become depressed as men, but beyond gender there are a variety of risk factors that influence the prevalence and likelihood of experiencing depression. This book divides r... >>>