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Lifelines: Elementary. Workbook (with Key) Hutchinson, Tom,  Oxford University Press

Hutchinson, Tom
Lifelines: Elementary. Workbook (with Key)

: Hutchinson, Tom
: Lifelines: Elementary. Workbook (with Key)
: Oxford University Press
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ISBN: 0194338762
ISBN-13(EAN): 9780194338769
: Paperback
: 96
: 1999
: A motivating three-level course with a clear, coherent structure and built-in flexibility. Lifelines combines thorough language presentation and practice with human-interest topics and texts. It provides core material of 70-100 hours per level. - An up-to-date, friendly course which draws on a wide range of approaches to provide students with the balance of reflection, practice, and use necessary for effective language learning. - The material is exceptionally involving and high in human interest - a hallmark of this popular author. - The language syllabus is clear, comprehensive, and realistic in length. - There is a discovery approach to language learning which encourages students to develop independent skills. This is reinforced by a comprehensive Grammar Reference at each level. - It combines strong skills development, systematic vocabulary work, and an emphasis on functional English, with constant recycling. At Elementary level a Functional Language reference draws together the practical everyday language that students need. - An independent pronunciation syllabus introduces the IPA and covers English sounds, stress, and intonation.