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GRAFT: Distinct Ambiguity ()  ,  Gestalten

GRAFT: Distinct Ambiguity ()

: GRAFT: Distinct Ambiguity ()
: Gestalten
ISBN: 3899553926
ISBN-13(EAN): 9783899553925
: Hardcover
: 208
: 2005
: As its name suggests, GRAFTs groundbreaking architecture and design crosses boundaries between disciplines and grafts the creative potentials and methodologies of different realities to each other. By doing so, the collective has created a pioneering architectonic and visual language that takes surprising, seemingly contrary combinations of ideas and melds them into projects that are aesthetically innovative as well as sustainable and socially meaningful. Distinct Ambiguity is the first book to present GRAFTs comprehensive body of work. It is structured into 5 thematic chapters that reflect the fundamental aspects of the collectives inimitable approach. Each one - Ambiguity, Curiosity, Narration, Happiness, and Courage - is illustrated by stunning visuals of the work that best illustrates the concept, from the celebrated projects of the Make It Right Foundation in New Orleans to resorts in harmony with their natural surroundings, zero-energy villas, and whimsical home furnishings. Insightful chapter introductions and project descriptions provide detailed documentation of the inspiration, context, and processes involved in creating some of the most visionary and relevant architecture and design of our time. Distinct Ambiguity features a foreword by director of Haus am Waldsee Dr. Katja Blomberg.
: Gestalten


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