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Ed King ( ) Guterson David,  Bloomsbury

Guterson David
Ed King ( )

: Guterson David
: Ed King ( )
: Bloomsbury
ISBN: 1408821990
ISBN-13(EAN): 9781408821992
: Paperback
: 2012
: In 1962, when Walter Cousins sleeps with his British au pair, Diane Burroughs, he can have no sense of the magnitude of his error: this brief affair sets in motion a tragedy of epic proportions, upending Sophocless immortal tale of fate, free will, and forbidden desire. At the centre is Ed King, an infant given up for adoption who becomes one of the worlds most powerful men. But beneath the gripping story of Eds seemingly inexorable rise to fame and fortune is a dark and unsettling destiny, one that approaches with ever-increasing suspense as the novel reaches its shattering conclusion.


Guterson, David Ed King ( )

Guterson, David
Ed King ( )
: Bloomsbury
: :

From the bestselling author of Snow Falling on Cedars, a dazzling, darkly funny, compulsively readable retelling of Sophocles`s Oedipus Rex that takes us from the 1962 Seattle World... >>>