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Switched () Hocking Amanda,  Pan Macmillan

Hocking Amanda
Switched ()

: Hocking Amanda
: Switched ()
: Pan Macmillan
ISBN: 1447205693
ISBN-13(EAN): 9781447205692
: Paperback
: 2012
: Wendy Everly knew she was different the day her mother tried to kill her and accused her of having been switched at birth. Although certain shes not the monster her mother claimed she is she does feel that she doesnt quite fit in... The new girl in High School, shes bored and frustrated by her small town life and then theres the secret that she cant tell anyone. Her mysterious ability she can influence peoples decisions, without knowing how, or why... When the intense and darkly handsome newcomer Finn suddenly turns up at her bedroom window one night her world is turned upside down. He holds the key to her past, the answers to her strange powers and is the doorway to a place she never imagined could exist. Forening, the home of the Trylle. Everything begins to make sense to Wendy. Among the Trylle, she is not just different, but special. But what marks her out as chosen for greatness in this world also places her in grave danger. With everything around her changing, Finn is the only person she can trust. But dark forces are conspiring not only to separate them, but to see the downfall everything that Wendy cares about. The fate of Forening rests in Wendys hands, and the decisions she and Finn make could change all their lives forever...