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Olbinski Posters (  )  ,  ACC-distribution titles

Olbinski Posters ( )

: Olbinski Posters ( )
: ACC-distribution titles
ISBN: 1878768042
ISBN-13(EAN): 9781878768049
: Hardback
: 143
: 2005
: Rafal Olbinski expanded the definition and laid the groundwork of what an artist can be in the 21st century. Born and educated in Poland, Olbinskis ties to European and American culture blur the lines between the various disciplines of the arts by combining painting, illustration, graphic design, typography, and stage design into poignantand memorable images that help define our culture and raise the level of aesthetics for todays and future generations. This publication celebrates Olbinski and his exceptional ability todepict the world of performing arts and entertainment in his own unique form.

Olbinskis posters dare the viewer to explore beyond the surface and seek out the oftenoverlooked surrounding scene.


  Olbinski And The Opera (   )

Olbinski And The Opera ( )
: ACC-distribution titles
: , NON-FICTION , : Award-winning designer and painter Rafal Olbinski has created 40 extraordinary posters as opera advertisements. This collection represents an extraordinary talent for combining graphic design, paintin... >>>