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Cathedrals of the world ( )  ,  White Star

Cathedrals of the world ( )

: Cathedrals of the world ( )
: White Star
ISBN: 8854401781
ISBN-13(EAN): 9788854401785
: Hardback
: 184
: 2006
: This second edition from the New Perspectives series provides comprehensive, step-by-step instruction on coding Web pages from scratch using HTML, XHTML, and XML. Offering new case problems, tutorials, and a new appendix on Web accessibility and Section 508 compliance, this text keeps students up to date on the latest in coding Web pages. Presents the great Christian structures and information on the continuing development of Basilicas and Cathedrals through the ages, from their early Christian, Romanesque and Gothic origins, through their evolution during the Renaissance and Baroque periods, to the crystallization of the Neoclassic language and the styles of the modern age.


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