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Dark Horizons ( ) Smith, Dan,  Orion Publishers

Smith, Dan
Dark Horizons ( )

: Smith, Dan
: Dark Horizons ( )
: Orion Publishers
ISBN: 178022009X
ISBN-13(EAN): 9781780220093
: Paperback
: 448
: 2005
: After caring for his mother in her last days, Alex has gone off round the world - with no plan other than to travel and maybe recapture some of his lost youth. Beginning his travels in Indonesia, the idea of finding himself sounds appealing... but soon, he finds himself in real trouble. It starts with a bus crash on a terrifying mountain road. Lucky to escape with his life, Alex loses everything else - even his identity. But then he meets Domino, a beautiful girl who takes Alex under her wing. At first its an intoxicating adventure, but Alex starts to realise that danger seems to follow her around. As they approach the magnificent Lake Toba, and head to the remote community of free spirits that Domino calls home, it seems theres trouble in paradise. The ideals of the camp seem honourable - a simple life, shared by friends in a beautiful place hidden from the world. But Domino has no answers for the questions that are forming in Alexs mind: Why do the local villagers hate them so much? Why are people leaving the camp in the dead of night? And what are the strange shapes lurking just beyond the clearing? A taut, atmospheric and emotive thriller, DARK HORIZONS transports you to the lush landscapes of Sumatra, and the twisted ideals and deadly secrets lying in wait there...


Zeh, Juli Dark Matter ( )

Zeh, Juli
Dark Matter ( )
: Random House
: : Sebastian and Oskar have been friends since their days studying physics at university, when both were considered future Nobel Prize candidates. But their lives took divergent paths, as did their scien... >>>

Paver, Michelle Dark matter ( )

Paver, Michelle
Dark matter ( )
: Orion Publishers
: : January 1937. Clouds of war are gathering over a fogbound London. Twenty-eight year old Jack is poor, lonely and desperate to change his life. So when he's offered the chance to join an Arctic expedit... >>>

Deary Terry Dark knights and dingy castles (    )

Deary Terry
Dark knights and dingy castles ( )
: Mixed Publishers
: , , >>>

Abigail Gibbs Dark Heroine (2) (Autumn Rose) ( :  )

Abigail Gibbs
Dark Heroine (2) (Autumn Rose) ( : )
: HarperCollins
: : The long-awaited sequel to the dark heroine: dinner with a vampire Her fate is set in stone... Autumn rose lives in a sleepy seaside town on the South-West of England, but buried deep under the... >>>

Partridge Norman Dark harvest ( )

Partridge Norman
Dark harvest ( )
: Holtzbrink
: :

Halloween, 1963. They call him the October Boy, or Ol' Hacksaw Face, or Sawtooth Jack. Whatever the name, everybody in this small Midwestern town knows who he is. How he rises from the cornfields e... >>>

Chadda, Sarwat Dark Goddess

Chadda, Sarwat
Dark Goddess
: Penguin Books Ltd
: : Billi Sancreal is a Knight Templar and has thrown herself utterly into their brutal regime, shutting herself off from everyone and everything. But when Billi finds herself at the heart of a savage wer... >>>

Zahn, Timothy Dark Force Rising

Zahn, Timothy
Dark Force Rising
: Random House
: >>>

Sansom  C. J. () Dark Fire ( )

Sansom C. J. ()
Dark Fire ( )
: Pan Macmillan
: : Matthew Shardlake, believing himself out of favour with Thomas Cromwell, is busy trying to maintain his legal practice and keep a low profile. But his involvement with a murder case, defending a girl ... >>>


D'Lacey Chris
Dark Fire
: Mixed Publishers
: , , >>>

Chris D Lacey Dark Fire

Chris D Lacey
Dark Fire
: Mixed Publishers
: , , >>>