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Bye-And-Bye: Selected Late Poems ( :   .  ) Wright Charles,  Holtzbrink

Wright Charles
Bye-And-Bye: Selected Late Poems ( : . )

: Wright Charles
: Bye-And-Bye: Selected Late Poems ( : . )
: Holtzbrink
ISBN: 0374533172
ISBN-13(EAN): 9780374533175
: Paperback
: 384
: 2012
: Over the course of nineteen collections of poems, Charles Wright has built one of the truly distinctive bodies of poetry created in the second half of the twentieth century (David Young, Contemporary Poets). Bye-and-Bye, which brings together selections from Wrights more recent workincluding the entirety of Littlefoot, Wrights moving, book-length meditation on mortalityshowcases the themes and images that have defined his mature work: the true affinity between writer and subject, human and nature; the tenuous relationship between description and actuality; and the search for a truth that transcends change and death. Bye-and-Bye is a wonderful introduction to the late work of one of Americas finest and best-loved poets.