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1930s, The (Britain in Pictures) (1930- . (  ))  ,  GMC

1930s, The (Britain in Pictures) (1930- . ( ))

: 1930s, The (Britain in Pictures) (1930- . ( ))
ISBN: 1907708634
ISBN-13(EAN): 9781907708633
: Paperback
: 300
: 2012
: The Britain in Pictures series presents an important collection of images from the Press Associations unique archive, most of which have lain unseen since they were first used in the newspapers of their day. Each book in the Decades series provides a rare insight into life in Britain: not only the major historical events, but also the smaller things that had equal, if not greater significance for ordinary people.The 1930s saw Britain suffer economic depression, flirtation with fascism, record emigration and the abdication of its monarch. Yet by the decades end the country was at its most united under a new king, George VI, with an emerging, inspirational leader in Winston Churchill, and ready to face the grave challenges of the Second World War.These stories and many more are pictured in this book with almost 300 images hand-picked from the vast archives of the Press Association.