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Handbag ( : ) Allen Carmel,  Carlton Books

Allen Carmel
Handbag ( : )

: Allen Carmel
: Handbag ( : )
: Carlton Books
ISBN: 1847329632
ISBN-13(EAN): 9781847329639
: Hardcover
: 160
: 2012
: An indispensable accessory as well as a key fashion statement, the handbag is portable boudoir, office, bank and emergency kit for women everywhere. With chapters on the history of the handbag, a Whos Who of style-shapers, a look at the contents women carry and an A-Z of international designers and brands, this book is the ultimate style guide for all handbag lovers. This newly updated book now includes include the it bags of the twenty-first century, those on the arms of every celebrity about town and on every fashionistas wish list such as the Fendi B, Marc Jacobs Stam and Diors Gaucho. From the classics - the Chanel quilted bag, the Hermes Kelly, Guccis bamboo-handled, snaffle designs and Louis Vuittons Monogram - to artistic creations from Judith Leiber, Jamin Puech and Alexander McQueen, and celebrity favourites Marc Jacobs, Alexander Wang, Anya Hidmarch, Marc Jacobs and Balenciaga, the A-Z section profiles the most coveted and iconic designs ever. Discover, too, what your handbag says about your character and check the style dictionary to find out the varied range available and which one suits your personality - the tote, backpack, clutch, drawstring, duffel, Kelly, envelope, shoulder, minaudiere, and more. With useful hints and tips on how to accessorize and over 200 colour photos, The Handbag is a truly indispensable, inspirational book for the many women for whom the bag is the accessory.


Clark Judith ( ) Handbags ( .   )

Clark Judith ( )
Handbags ( . )
: Yale University Press
: , NON-FICTION , : The history of the handbag - its design, how it has been made, used, and worn - reveals something essential about women's lives lived over the last 500 years. Perhaps the most universal item of fashio... >>>