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Erik Parker: Colorful Resistance ( ) Ramirez-Montagut Monica,  Rizzoli

Ramirez-Montagut Monica
Erik Parker: Colorful Resistance ( )

: Ramirez-Montagut Monica
: Erik Parker: Colorful Resistance ( )
: Rizzoli
ISBN: 0847838943
ISBN-13(EAN): 9780847838943
: Hardcover
: 256
: 2012
: The first retrospective look at the irreverent and boisterous artwork of painter Erik Parker. With deep roots in alternative comics, illustration, and graffiti, internationally acclaimed artist Erik Parkers work bridges underground culture and the pop-surrealism movement. Erik Parker: Colorful Resistance presents his intense compositions, originating from word clusters, viscera-like forms, and animated figurines. Parkers work aggressively takes on the issues of the day through an antiauthoritarian approach to established ideologies. Parkers] unpredictable forms are contained by, but also disrupt, relatively geometric framing devices whose radiating curves and bands of color bring to mind proscenium arches or movie marquees. In nearly every painting we seem to be witnessing the emergence of some extravagant freak of nature or perhaps consciousness--a hallucination of the first order. --Roberta Smith, New York Times