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Alastair Morton and Edinburgh Weavers (    ) Jackson Lesley,  Abrams

Jackson Lesley
Alastair Morton and Edinburgh Weavers ( )

: Jackson Lesley
: Alastair Morton and Edinburgh Weavers ( )
: Abrams
ISBN: 1851776605
ISBN-13(EAN): 9781851776603
: Hardcover
: 336
: 2012
: Edinburgh Weavers, in business from 1931 to 1963, was one of the most important textile companies of the 20th century. Alastair Morton, the visionary art director of the company, commissioned a remarkable series of textiles from leading British artists, including Ben Nicholson, Barbara Hepworth, and Elisabeth Frink, as well as artist-designers, such as Marion Dorn, Ashley Havinden, and Lucienne Day. Morton was also a gifted artist, textile designer, and weaver in his own right. This major work traces his wide-ranging career and records the history of Edinburgh Weavers and the glorious textiles it produced. Drawing on the V&As extensive archive, this impressive book features more than 500 images of artists textiles, unparalleled in quality and scope.