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Mini Graphics 2 ( 2)  ,  Prestel Publishing Limite

Mini Graphics 2 ( 2)

: Mini Graphics 2 ( 2)
: Prestel Publishing Limite
ISBN: 8492810408
ISBN-13(EAN): 9788492810406
: Hardcover
: 384
: 2012
: An attention-grabbing and visually effective graphic does not necessarily have to be a big, bold design statement, as demonstrated by Mini Graphics 2, the second volume following the successful first book on quirky, original graphics in a mini format. A small yet well-executed graphic in a limited space can enhance the look and quality of a design, infinitely maximising its visual impact. With vector-based software, designers can now create and implement intricate visual strategies in fine detail to achieve their results, while high-resolution software allows for the sharp reproduction of graphics at miniscule sizes. A spectacular showcase presenting even more styles, forms and applications of miniature motifs onto invitations, business and greeting cards, stationery, CDs, calendars, mailer sets, catalogues and flyers, Mini Graphics 2 shows the limitless creative potential of a small-scale design and its unique aesthetic value.


Sophie Kinsella Mini Shopaholic (-)

Sophie Kinsella
Mini Shopaholic (-)
: Transworld Publishers
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Kinsella Sophie ( ) Mini shopaholic (-)

Kinsella Sophie ( )
Mini shopaholic (-)
: Random House
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Kinsella Sophie ( ) Mini Shopaholic (-)

Kinsella Sophie ( )
Mini Shopaholic (-)
: Random House
: >>>

  Mini icons ( )

Mini icons ( )
: Mixed Publishers
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  Mini House Style ( -)

Mini House Style ( -)
: HarperCollins
: , NON-FICTION : Featuring elegant and imaginative homes no larger than 900 square feet. Mini House Style features a variety of projects that incorporate innovative ways to make a small space more livable. ... >>>

Agata Losantos Mini House Now

Agata Losantos
Mini House Now
: HarperCollins
: : As the success of MINI HOUSE proved, bigger is not necessarily better, certainly not where your home is concerned. MINI HOUSE NOW demonstrates this point, showcasing dozens of homes that ingeniously m... >>>

  Minimally invasive spine surgery

Minimally invasive spine surgery
: Springer
: , : An atlas describing the 18 most widely accepted minimally invasive spine procedures and the relevant anatomy, as it appears through the scope. Each chapter covers indications/contraindications, equipm... >>>

Greene Minimally Invasive Cancer Manag

Minimally Invasive Cancer Manag
: Springer
: , , : As minimal access approaches to cancer diagnosis, staging, and therapy become more widely used, it is vital for general surgeons, along with laparoscopists, surgical oncologists and medical oncologist... >>>

Francisco, Maia Minimalist Graphics: A cutting edge less-is-more approach to graphic design ( )

Francisco, Maia
Minimalist Graphics: A cutting edge less-is-more approach to graphic design ( )
: HarperCollins
: , NON-FICTION , : After a decade of visual overload, "Minimal Graphics" heralds a new age of graphic design. By focusing on simpler, more fluid lines and shapes, minimalist design removes excess information from an alr... >>>

Castillo, Encarna Minimalism Designsource (: )

Castillo, Encarna
Minimalism Designsource (: )
: HarperCollins
: , , NON-FICTION , , , : Minimalism Design Source covers the last years of the 1990s and the first years of the twenty-first century and looks at the origins of the term minimalism and how a phenomenon like Minimal Art which ... >>>