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Mareth Line, 1943 Ford Ken,  Osprey

Ford Ken
Mareth Line, 1943

: Ford Ken
: Mareth Line, 1943
: Osprey
ISBN: 178096093X
ISBN-13(EAN): 9781780960937
: The battle of El Alamein saw the collapse of the German hopes for victory in North Africa and since then, the end was inevitable. In the six months that passed before the final surrender was a lot of hard struggle, as the defeat of the German and Italian armies sought to keep encroaching on the eighth army. Rommel, his health suffers, fought a number of major events during this campaign, before his troops settled in the pre-war French defensive positions Mareth line. The whole way he was getting more and more confident eighth army under the command of General Montgomery, although he was not able to go to the rear of the retreating German and Italian forces decisively, and Rommel was even able to divert forces to inflict a sharp defeat on the newly arrived forces of the United States in the Kasserine Pass in February 1943. It was one of Rommels last acts in the desert war, as his health problems forced him to return to Germany shortly thereafter. The scene was now the last great battle in the desert war, as a veteran.