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Byzantine Things in the World ( :    ) Peers Glenn,  Mixed Publishers

Peers Glenn
Byzantine Things in the World ( : )

: Peers Glenn
: Byzantine Things in the World ( : )
: Mixed Publishers
ISBN: 0300191782
ISBN-13(EAN): 9780300191783
: Paperback
: 192
: 2013
: How did Byzantine culture understand its own objects we now call art? This enlightening publication proposes that they saw and experienced clay pilgrim tokens, relief stamps, and icons of saints as dynamic and fully capable of affecting the world. The materials used and the sensory impressions they created were an integral part of the Byzantine attitude toward a given thing. Gold was considered a living material and tokens from locations associated with a saints physical life could help pilgrims channel religious powers. This book attempts to overturn conventional art historical thought through a combination of material investigation, historical recovery, and hermeneutic clearing. Distinguished authors argue that categorizing these objects made for Medieval Greek Christians as art is incorrect, instead suggesting that they were rooted in a world with an animistic view of living things. Provocatively interweaving Byzantine material culture and art with analogues like Kongo nkondi figures and works by James Lee Byars, Donald Judd, and Yves Klein, this volume features the Menil Collections superb holdings and fresh perspectives by a range of art historians.